Under all circumstances

Hazardous area

Airpack packages can be made fully suitable for explosion proof requirements. We can apply all internationally recognized standards for explosion proof suitability.

Explosion proof Ex'd' panels inside
stainless steel control panel

Explosion proof transmitters

Ex'd' CE certified e-motor with
non-sparking coupling guard

Extreme environments

Airpack specializes in manufacturing packages for extreme ambient conditions. We can make our packages suitable for operability in the most challenging environments.

Desert environment with +60°C ambient temperature and Dust storms

Compressor package including closed cooling
water system and chiller 
Compressor and dryer package with
sunroof protection canopy
Compressor package with sand and
dustproof inlet system
Arctic environments with -50°C ambient temperatures and snow blizzards

Compressor package with complete
winterization shelter

Gas compressor in winterization module
including external cooling system

Automatic levers on winterization
package for snow blizzards
Elevated areas with thin atmospheric air conditions down to 0.82 bar(a)

Special air inlet filters for thin air conditions

Earthquake sensitive areas

Gas compressor package
complete with Bently Nevada
bearing vibration monitoringmodules

Compressor package with shock pulse
measurement (SPM) system 

Bently Nevada monitoring module in
local control panel

As Airpack originated in the oil & gas industry we specialize in providing our equipment for the various applications within this sector. Our packages can be made suitable for applications in all three subdivisions of this industry; Onshore, Offshore and FPSO


One of our specializations is manufacturing packages for FPSO placement were space is limited and custom engineering is inevitable. Airpack is able to design installations with reduced footprint to ensure perfect fitment within the existing installation on the FPSO. Please contact us if you have any special requests. 

Compact type membrane type nitrogen generator
for FPSO fitment

For more information or special requests please contact us