According to customer specs

Custom made packages

Airpack packages are always custom made according to the requirements of the customer. We do not make standard compressors, dryers or nitrogen generators. We engineer, design and manufacture complete installations conform the specifications of the customer.

This high level of customization allows for Airpack to have a very flexible approach to our customers. Extraordinary requirements and extreme situations are our specialty as we always succeed in finding the perfect solution.

Below some examples of special packages we have provided

Air compressor package with 
H2S suitable inlet filters
Mobile nitrogen booster compressor
Mobile diesel driven air compressor 
with stationary nitrogen generator

Independent manufacturing

Airpack is an independent manufacturer and packager. As a manufacturer we are able to work with all suppliers to ensure the best complete solution for the application. As a packager our in-house expertise allows us to integrate these various parts into a perfect operating installation.

We can work according to our Airpack approved sub-supplier database or follow the customers' AVL.

Airpack subsupplier are listed in the company profile. Is your preffered vendor not listed please contact us.

In-house expertise

Airpack is more than just a manufacturer and packager. Our in-house expertise ranges from a full 3D operating engineering department to non-destructive testing facilities.

This makes Airpack independent of any third party company, allowing the company to offer full support to its customers and react swiftly to client requests such as changed specifications.